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Frequently Asked Questions
What is NaviSavi?
NaviSavi is a mobile app that lets you experience and plan your next trip through short, unedited videos uploaded by real people.
You can explore new places, share itineraries, and book reservations - all in one place!

The Real Travel Reel. A global community. We're NaviSavi.
Who created NaviSavi?
NaviSavi was founded by Sally Bunnell, who has 94 different countries stamped on her passport! She's currently working towards 100. In other words, Sally is the walking definition of wanderlust.

The app was designed and developed by Level Studios.
Why doesn't my new video appear in any search results?
All videos uploaded to NaviSavi must go through an approval process to verify clips are authentic and follow our video guidelines. Once the video is approved, it will appear in search results and the feed.

Don't worry, we'll send you a notification as soon as it's on NaviSavi!
My video was just approved, but it isn't showing in the Featured reel. Why?
Featured videos are chosen by the NaviSavi team to offer the best experiences based on season, promotions, and select locations.

Keep posting great content for a chance to be Featured!
I just liked a video, but I can't see it on my profile page. Is something wrong?
Swipe and pull down on the screen to refresh your page!
New posts will appear on your profile and populate the feed.
I think I am logged in, but a popup appears whenever I try to interact with anything inside the app. How can I access all of NaviSavi's features?
You might be logged in as a guest! Guests have limited access, so make sure to create an account for the full NaviSavi experience!

You can Log Out from Guest on the Profile tab, and sign up when prompted.
How can I see more videos on the map page?
Try expanding your search radius or adding more categories when searching, both accessible from the header bar. If you're still experiencing issues, email us at
What are some reasons my video was not approved?
To provide an authentic experience for our community, NaviSavi only approves video clips that follow our video guidelines.
How can I reset my NaviSavi password?
Click the Forgot password? button on the Sign In screen. Enter the email address used to register and get your reset token. An email will be sent with a verification code, which you can use to reset your password on the app.
My reset password email did not arrive. What do I do now?
Please check your spam or promotions inbox.
What kind of data does NaviSavi hold about me?
Details are in our Privacy Policy and Terms Of Service.
How do I add an item to my liked videos?
Visit the page for that video and click the Like button underneath the event title!
How do I share a video link?
Visit the page for that video and click the Share button at the bottom of your screen. This will generate a shareable link that you can send to friends!
How do I edit my profile?
Click your Profile from the menu and tap Edit!
How do I log out?
Tap Edit at the top of your profile. Scroll down and click Log Out!
How do I edit one of my videos?
Open the video and swipe up to view the location information. Tap the Edit My Video button to edit the video's description, thumbnail, and other details. Any edits are reviewed by our team and your video may not be available on the app while it's pending approval.
I am signed in on another device and can't see my unfinished video upload. What has happened?
NaviSavi saves all drafts of video uploads to make your life easier! These drafts remain available until submitted or cancelled. However, drafts can only be edited on the device you originally uploaded from.
Can I delete my NaviSavi account?
Email us a request to delete your account at
How do I become a NaviSavi Influencer?
If you are interested, send us a request at
My friend signed up with my referral code, but I did not receive any reward points. Why?
Points are rewarded as soon as your friend's first video is approved! If their video was approved and you still haven't received points, please contact us.
How do I get my own unique referral code?
Referral codes are currently reserved for VIPs and the most active users.
How can I cash out?
View your points and cash balance on the Rewards tab at the bottom of your screen. To withdraw cash from your account, press the Redeem button. Tap Contact Us which will redirect you to send an email to our Payments team. Let us know how much you'd like to withdraw and we'll set up the payment using Venmo or PayPal! Currently, a $100 minimum is needed to cash out.