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Our Team
Sally Bunnell
Founder & CEO
We have a diverse, international management team which brings a wealth of experience from a vast array of fields, led by Founder and CEO, Sally Bunnell.
Sally is a passionate traveler with 94 countries stamped on her passport. As she traveled the world, she found that her actual experiences were different from what she saw advertised, inspiring Sally to create NaviSavi.
Formerly a Senior Vice President at a Record Label for over 15 years, Sally has spent her career creating and marketing video content for Millennials, Gen X and Z, influential artists, and brands around the world.
Sally is one of the “2020 Young Industry Leaders in Travel” on Phocuswright's annual Top 30 List, and an honorary member of the G Adventures Virtual Advisory Panel.
Our Mission
NaviSavi is a short-form video app for travel. From an interactive feed, users can explore destinations, sample experiences, and plan their next trip all in one place.
Our mission is to provide a full-service mobile app that encourages travel discovery, for a global community built on trust and positivity. The app features verified, unedited clips submitted by individuals and businesses to offer an authentic travel experience.
Users can upload and browse short videos of their adventures and filter by location, activity, or budget. NaviSavi also offers itinerary building and immediate booking options, presenting an all-inclusive platform for travel planning.
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Our Journey
When NaviSavi was born in 2013, it was actually supposed to be a TV show called "Check the Box." Each episode would showcase a city, and the viewers would go online to watch in-depth videos of each attraction and book excursions through our platform.
Yeah, that didn't work out.
So, years later, we decided to try our idea as an app instead!
We got started in 2018, and now, after three years of hard work, we are finally ready for it to hit the app stores.
We are so excited to finally share NaviSavi with the world. She's been brewing a while.