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NaviSavi is a global community bringing something completely new to the travel industry, for businesses and consumers — a focus on trust and transparency through authentic, user-generated video content.
Our travel app (for iOS and Android) enables users and businesses to share only unedited, short-form videos, shot from a smartphone. On top of that, NaviSavi offers a 360-degree travel experience, including trip planning, itinerary building, in-destination searches, and immediate booking directly with the business. Our target user is the young traveler (18-39 years old) who is more inclined to make decisions based on the honest experiences of their peers. To date, users have shared videos from 100 countries.
Since we only allow user-generated content on the platform, we create an environment where all users and businesses interact on an equal playing field. Trust between consumer and business is built through the honest experiences of real people.
Our early-stage but growing platform offers the ideal opportunity for businesses that share our values to reach and engage with a highly-qualified community of in-market travelers. In fact, establishing your business profile and submitting videos is free.
If you're a tour company, Board of Tourism, experience provider, or hospitality business, get in touch with us to discuss our unique features for businesses.
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