I Would #RatherBeQuarantinedIn
by NaviSavi Intern- Allie | 12 May, 2020

Hello Fellow Savi Travelers!

How is everyone holding up in quarantine??

Are you frustrated that COVID-19 threw all your 2020 travel plans out the window? Do you find yourself constantly looking at old travel photos and daydreaming about the next time you’ll be on a faraway beach or in one of your bucket list cities instead of stuck on your living room couch?

Yeah, us too.

We write to you from a tiny NYC apartment (practicing safe social distancing of course!) and, as we look out the window to the ominously quiet, empty streets, we can’t help but for our minds to wander to other places.

As avid travelers, we always feel the need to GO and we are used to going whenever and wherever life takes us, so an international quarantine feels like torture. We are itching to be “quarantined” instead on a tropical island, quaint cabin on a lake, or, hell, even the Jersey Shore would feel like paradise at this point.

With that, we ask that as you dream and reminisce you share videos with the community so that we can all cure our wanderlust from the safety of your homes.

Simply post your short travel clips to your social media with #RatherBeQuarantinedIn, and tag @navisaviapp_official and be sure to follow us to see where we’ve been and where we will be going the SECOND the world is back to normal.

Where would you #RatherBeQuarantinedIn?

Bests, Allie