Hello NaviSavi Community!!!
by Sally Bunnell | 27 Feb, 2020

Thanks for checking in to NaviSavi.

My name is Sally, or Rally Sally here, the CEO & Founder of NaviSavi. I look forward to sharing our journey of this app and traveling together. The good, the bad, and the party.

I came to the idea of NaviSavi through traveling to over 94 countries, (and I had some crazy shit also come along the way), but couldn't help but think, there has got to be a better way to see and book what I want to do, quick and easy.

I don’t read books. I don’t know how to operate photoshop, but I do know videos. As the head of video production for a record label for 15+ years, I’ve created videos my entire life for the tween market. I learned quickly, attention spans are short and big production quality has gone out the window. (We can do it on our phones!) We live in a society where people demand things short, sweet, and to the point.

Hence NaviSavi was born. Real Travels. Short Videos.

Once the app starts to get off the ground, I will be sending out a monthly blog post. One as our monthly NaviSavi newsletter to update you on our progress and the other a personal crazy travel story, because that journey was just as fun as this new one I am on now.

And then you will start to understand exactly how I became “Rally Sally.” Out.

"Rally" Sally Bunnell